Hypnotherapy, Sheffield. Feel Good Course.

Feel Good Course

The Feel Good course helps young people develop new life skills, which can be invaluable in tackling low mood and stress. It does this through CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and hypnotherapy, which have a proven effectiveness in this field.

The Feel Good Course gives young people vital knowledge in how to tackle and respond to the issues that they meet in their everyday lives.

What are the benefits to your learners?

Learners often have competing demands which impact on their development and learning. This course will help them to become happier individuals with effective coping strategies. Enabling them to re-engage with their studies and achieve success.

Who is the Feel Good Course for?

  • Young people wanting to learn new life skills and improve the quality of their life.
  • Anyone who at times feels fed up and low, or tense and anxious.
  • Young people who would benefit from leading a healthier lifestyle.
  • Young people who would like to re-engage with their studies and become motivated again.

Courses can be tailored to individual needs, but can cover:

  • Understanding why we feel as we do.
  • Practical problem solving skills.
  • Assertiveness
  • Using Anxiety Control Training relaxation.
  • Recognizing helpful and unhelpful behaviours.
  • Noticing unhelpful thoughts and changing them.
  • Healthy living – sleep, food, diet and exercise.
  • Staying well.
  • Study techniques.
  • Staying safe using social media.

 How long will the course last?

The 10 hour course is best delivered through either one or two hours of contact time per week, but can be adjusted to suit individual circumstances.

One to one coaching is also available.

You can choose which topics are relevant to your particular groups of learners.

Who will it be delivered by?

Gina a qualified teacher and educator with 20 years experience of working in a wide variety of settings. She has trained in counseling and modern clinical hypnotherapy. Her particular specialty is working with “at risk” learners in FE and she has a proven track record of success with young people undergoing challenging personal circumstances, supporting them to re-engage and achieve.

To see a full resume of her career and qualifications visit her LinkedIn page:

How will the sessions be delivered?

  • The sessions will be interactive and involve discussions, explorations and role-play, alongside individual work, to develop a range of helpful strategies and techniques. Sessions will end with a relaxation activity and plenary to promote further development.
  • The course will be followed up with an impact analysis of the learners’ progress.

Where will the sessions be delivered?

The course will be delivered in your institution.