Confidence Coaching

Is Confidence Coaching for you?

If you are reading this page, you are most likely feeling a little stuck. Deep down there is so much more you could be achieving.

This programme is inspired to help women become their most confident selves. I have devised a hypnotherapy programme using a range of simple yet powerful techniques, that will have you feeling unstoppable.

I will tailor our sessions completely around your specific needs. You will no longer feel overwhelmed and on hold. You can challenge your negative beliefs and take control again. So that you feel vibrant, motivated and raring to go.

My passion is helping women to become all they dreamed of and more, using the most powerful tool we have -the mind!

How the Confidence Coaching session work:

On the first session we shall discuss where you are on the path to self confidence. We will then uncover what is holding you back from being your best you.

Weeks 2-5 are sessions tailored around your particular areas for development and unique needs. You will discover a range of tools and techniques to build your self-esteem and confidence.

In addition, you will receive audio tracks and materials to support you to greater levels of self-confidence.

The last week is about reflecting on your development throughout the course. Reflecting the tools and skills that have transformed and empowered you to have the life you deserve.


“I now feel more confident and open, more relaxed about saying how I feel and not shy to meet new people” Susan.

“I’m feeling confident, I’ve learnt how to get negativity out of my mind and think positive. I’m practicing what I want to become, my aspirational goals. A great teacher, I’ve enjoyed my sessions.” Omara.

“I feel I now have the tools to help me feel more confident in the things that I do. By setting goals it makes me believe that I can achieve. I’m excited that I can move on.” Denise.

“I have learnt so much to extend my own personal development, self belief and ability to create time for myself.” Gemma.