Do you suffer from Insomnia? Have you ever tried to force yourself to get back to sleep at 3am? The harder you try the more it seems to evade you! Tossing and turning, worrying and thrashing about. It starts to get light and you finally fall asleep, then the alarm rings and it’s time to get up. You wake up exhausted and stumble around feeling groggy, irritable and unable to concentrate the next day when you really need to be ready to function.

Why is sleep important?

If this goes on for a day or two we can usually get by but when this lack of sleep continues for days, weeks or even months it can lead to more serious problems. It plays a role in workplace accidents, can exacerbate mental illness, reduce our immune function and even precipitate weight gain. It is vital and without it we eventually get sick.

What causes lack of sleep?

Lack of sleep can be due to many factors; maybe we have developed bad habits, like overstimulating our minds, using alcohol, maybe we are in pain or lying in bed sick with worry. All of these lifestyle factors can be corrected. The main way to improve your sleep better is to improve your state of mind and your sleep routine.

Top tips to help you get a good night’s sleep :

1) Reduce digital stimulation from electronic devices and read a book instead.
2) Reduce or cut out stimulants such as coffee or alcohol.
3) Go to bed when you are tired.
4) Avoid exercise late at night.
5) Deal with worries.
6) Ensure your room is not too hot or too cold.
7) Have a hot bath
8) Make sure the room is dark to stimulate melatonin.
9) Have a hot bath before bed.
10) Drink a hot milky drink.

We all need deep, restorative sleep. Experiencing the astonishing healing power of natural, restorative sleep can change your life in all kinds of wonderful ways. Sleep is the foundation on which our mental and physical health rests. Maintaining a healthy sleep pattern gives us a solid base on which to enjoy life. It nourishes, heals, soothes and comforts us. Sleep is nature’s medicine.

Hypnosis for insomnia

Sleep isn’t something you can force, it is something that you fall into, like falling in love. You need to allow yourself to fall into a different state, by letting go of your day, your stress, your worries. Hypnotherapy can help you to allow that feeling of relaxation, to enjoy that magical feeling of relaxation as you fall asleep, easily and comfortably. Reinforcing that habit so that it is something you enjoy and look forward to.

If you are having trouble sleeping or suffer from insomnia, you may  want to consider hypnotherapy. Helping you to relax mentally and physically, hypnotherapy can also help you to uncover the root cause of your sleeping difficulties.

Gina runs a busy hypnotherapy practice in Sheffield and is an experienced coach, hypnotherapist and tutor.



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