How to get unstuck and live a life without limitations

Feeling stuck?

When we feel a gap between who we want to be and where we are in life. As a result, we feel stuck, frustrated and limited in our choices and opportunities for change.

Therefore, having that awareness is the first step to getting unstuck and living a life without limitations.
When we change our perspective, we can release repetitive patterns of behaviour.  Consequently, we start responding in new ways, becoming a better version of ourselves.

Furthermore, breaking out of that frustration and limitation could be as simple as connecting to the present moment. First of all, look on everyday as a new start with new possibilities. We are not the person we were yesterday.

Top tips for getting unstuck

Take a moment to respond in a more positive way. The mind is where stuck-ness happens and repetition sets in. First of all don’t respond automatically with the same old thoughts and reactions. Furthermore, take a deep breath, centre yourself and allow a new response to surface. We have free will to respond to any moment of life as we want to.

Stop comparing yourself to others and following someone else’s script. Commit to honouring and becoming true to yourself. Pay attention to your emotions and use them as your guide.

Take responsibility. Don’t look to externals to blame for holding you back, for every flaw, weakness or challenge we use to feel stuck, someone else has used that same disadvantage as a springboard to achievement. When you change your perspective and you change your situation.

Find your joy. Access your inner creativity. Discover what makes you connect to yourself, especially what gives you that inner satisfaction and do more of it. This brings freshness and renewal everyday.

Make good choices. Our minds want to hold onto the familiar, such as indulging in a bad habit or an outworn self-image. Remember, you are in charge of your brain, not the other way around. Hence, you have the freedom to choose from a range of possibilities.

Get out of the habit of struggling. It’s a sign of stuck-ness. This leads to the bad habit of reacting in the same old frustrating way over and over. It’s pointless to keep doing more and more of what didn’t work in the first place. Let go, find your flow again. Take a more relaxed attitude.

Expect the best. Get out of the habit of low expectations. When you convince yourself that you deserve only a limited amount of joy, love and wishes that come true – you are cutting yourself off from your unlimited potential. Know that you are cared for and supported.

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