Frequently Asked Hypnotherapy Questions

Frequently Asked Hypnotherapy Questions

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is primarily a natural and effective way of helping you to achieve your goals. Since it uses the power of positive suggestion to bring about changes in sensations, perceptions and to our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

The process itself aims to alter our state of consciousness. It relaxes the conscious part of the mind whilst simultaneously stimulating and focusing the subconscious part. We go into this state naturally many times a day. It might happen when we drift off into a daydream, watching tv, reading a book, or even driving a car.

The hypnotherapist uses skilled relaxation techniques. As a result, the client to enter into an enhanced state of awareness. While the client is concentrating on the hypnotherapist’s voice, the therapist is then able to make appropriate suggestions and use the relevant tools.

In a hypnotherapy session the client is always in control.

What will happen in a hypnotherapy session?

A frequently asked hypnotherapy question is ‘What can I expect from the session?’

I offer an initial free consultation, generally lasting around one hour, it involves several elements:

  • A discussion about your your requirements, the goals you want to achieve and how hypnotherapy can help.
  • Gathering personal information about general health, lifestyle, medical symptoms or medication.
  • An explanation of how the hypnotherapy process will work. I will answer any questions and dispel any misconceptions about hypnotherapy.
  • Explain practical details such as costs, cancellation policy and how many sessions will be needed.

In subsequent sessions , the application of clinical hypnosis can begin. The sessions involve:

    • Firstly, a welcome chat to encourage comfort and relaxation and a discussion of progress made so far.
    • Induction and deepeners – I will lead you into a deep state of physical and mental relaxation.
    • Once deeply relaxed, the ‘change work’ can begin, using techniques and approaches discussed and agreed to help you towards your goals.
    • Once the ‘change work’ is complete, the transition to wakefulness begins. You are gradually brought out of your trance.
    • Finally, a time for any questions you may have and a summary of the sessions.

Furthermore, I am registered with the Hypnotherapy Directory.

How many sessions will I need?

Another frequently asked hypnotherapy question is ‘How many sessions will I need?’

Hypnotherapy, is essentially a process of trust. Hence, it uses the naturally occurring receptive states of mind that amplify positive resourcefulness. This helps produce the client’s desired change and development.

Most of all, the client needs to be ready and willing to change. Results are generally achieved quite quickly using hypnosis, although several sessions are often required to achieve meaningful results.

The client can learn self hypnosis techniques and  sometimes get tasks to complete. The client practices these at home to reinforce the sessions.